Goal 6: Reduce the incidence and mortality of liver cancer in the Houston MSA (Developmental Goal)


  • Policy Objectives:
    • Support the development of TMC Liver Consortium, e.g., promote collaboration to develop infrastructure and possible biorepository
    • Strengthen TDSHS reporting requirements for chronic hepatitis

  • Education Objectives:
    • Public: Increase awareness among high risk groups, including family members, about risks for hepatitis infection, prevention, community resources related to hepatitis testing, and liver cancer treatment options, including clinical trials.
    • Professional: Increase health care professionals’ knowledge about hepatitis immunization; identify and improve health professionals’ screening and surveillance of priority populations at risk for liver cancer, risk assessment, prevention, screening modalities, diagnosis, and treatment (to include identification of resources; appropriate and comprehensive referral to specialty care; development, knowledge and use of appropriate guidelines; encouragement of participation in appropriate clinical trials; and pain management and supportive care)
    • Professional: Professional: Promote the importance of surveillance for chronic hepatitis and reporting systems to document chronic hepatitis infection and associate liver disease; investigate the inclusion of a registry field for patient hepatitis status

  • Service Objectives:
    • Screen at-risk MDA Anderson patients and employees and increased risk for chronic hepatitis infection
    • Develop guidelines and consider screening individuals at high risk for HCC through a screening program at MD Anderson



Liver Cancer Poster


Data from the Texas Cancer Registry, SEER, and the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance Survey (BRFSS) are used to prioritize cancer sites and risk factors for inclusion within the cancer control plan. The following data and data sources are informing the activities of the Goal 6: Liver Cancer Workgroup.


  • Several professional education projects are currently under development.

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