Goal 5: Reduce the mortality due to breast cancer in the Houston MSA


  • Policy Objective:
    • Support expansion of breast cancer screening options for females with no health coverage through the Breast and Cervical Cancer Services program.

  • Education Objectives:
    • Public: Increase awareness among women at increased risk for death about access to care, breast cancer treatment options, including clinical trials.
    • Professional: Increase knowledge among community health workers about breast cancer treatment navigation.
    • Professional: Increase health care professionals' knowledge and improve practice of breast cancer risk, risk assessment, prevention, screening modalities, diagnosis, and treatment (to include knowledge and use of established guidelines and appropriate pain management and supportive care).
    • Professional: Increase health care professionals’ knowledge and improve practice of long-term follow-up of survivors of breast cancer (to include surveillance, prevention/screening, late effects, quality of life and coordination of care).
    • Professional: Increase health care professionals’ knowledge about clinical trials and encourage appropriate patient participation.

  • Service Objective:
    • Increase access to and use of appropriate, comprehensive, multidisciplinary, quality and timely breast cancer treatment across the continuum of care.



Breast Cancer Poster


Data from the Texas Cancer Registry, SEER, and the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance Survey (BRFSS) are used to prioritize cancer sites and risk factors for inclusion within the cancer control plan. The following data and data sources are informing the activities of the Goal 3: Colorectal Cancer Workgroup.


  • Several community projects are currently under development.

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